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Medical Device and Startup Accelerator
Do you have a great idea for a Medtech company, but don’t know where to start? Are you a busy professional with a commercialisable technology you’d like to spin out of your laboratory? Or do you just need some help with relocation or writing your grant submission or your company’s executive summary?
Harpe Technologies can provide you with independent, professional advice and will work with you to accomplish your company startup and business goals in Ireland.
The Medical Device consulting professionals in Harpe Technologies can help you:
Fine-tune your technology’s competitive advantage
Design prototype models to show proof-of-concept
Write an effective business plan
Liaise with Government Institutions and Universities
Analyse the competitive landscape
Create and manage your intellectual property
Assist with relocation
Build an informative company website
Produce a descriptive company fact sheet/executive summary
Develop a compelling slide presentation for investors
Identify and obtain non-dilutive funding
Assemble a world-class Medical Device Advisory Board
Build a dynamic, productive Medical Device Management team
Write and design powerful promotional materials
Locate and kit out your manufacturing facility
HR , Regulatory and Financial Assistance
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